About BioSafe Safety Services

BioSafe Safety Services has been a consultancy and service Company for over ten years, and specialises in Biosafety.

We provide advice on the design, construction and use of high containment laboratories (CL2 & CL3).

We conduct health and safety courses, provide advice on risk assessments, safety policies and protocols.

We provide an Emergency Fumigation Service, and a decontamination service for decommissioning laboratories.

Our portfolio includes more than 300 NHS Trust Hospitals, Universities, and private Companies throughout the UK including Universities of London, Brighton, Southampton, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Westminster, Birmingham, Nottingham, the (formerly) Public Health Laboratory Service, Health Protection Agency, many private Companies, including Unilever, Unipath, Thames Water, Severn Trent Water, Bayer, Oxoid, Oxford Glycosciences, Quest & Novartis.

Our work abroad includes projects for the Malaysian government, Saudi Arabia, the Channel Isles and the Republic of Ireland.

We have also acted as 'Expert Witness' to the Health & Safety Executive.

Crowthorne Ltd

In 2014 BioSafe became incorporared into Crowthorne Ltd.

Crowthorne is an independent clean air specialist which provides a range of services for clean air equipment and controlled environments, from positive-negative biocontainment rooms and patient isolators to laboratory safety cabinets.

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For more information on these services please call Steve or Katie: +44 (0) 1252 372333, sales@crowthorneltd.com.
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